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Before Rememberit I was wasting hours writing out characters with little use.

Scott Wilson,

The only thing faster would be being able to download them directly into my brain.

Mark J,

A well thought-out app that takes some of the pain out of learning characters.

Kylie Osbourne,

I wasn't even going to bother learning to read until I came across this app.

Lisa Kwon,
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Although language learners recognize the benefits of using flashcards the benefits are often outweighed by the time it takes to create the flashcards in the first place.

That's why instead of just providing another flashcard program we provided a complete, integrated solution - a flashcard system with the flashcards built in.

Spaced Repetition

Revise based on an Optimized Learning Schedule

Finding the right balance between learning new words and revising old ones is key to maximizing your learning speed.

Once you have learned a new word it is automatically scheduled for revision/testing to make sure you don't forget it.

Stay In Control

You're in control of your own learning

We don't believe in forcing users into predefined lessons. Instead we give you the ability to define your own trajectory based on your own experience.

Create lessons using the characters and vocabulary you want to learn.