Take the Tour

Check out the screenshots below to see how the Remember.it system works.


The Dashboard

Each session starts at the Dashboard. Here you can see how far you are through your course and whether you have any tests due. Most sessions will start with a test of items you have studied in previous sessions.


Test Schedule

Most days when you open the app you'll have a bunch of flashcards that are ready for testing. The Test Schedule screen allows you to choose which flashcards you want to test. Any flashcards that you forget in your test you can include in your next lesson.


Test Drill

During the test you flip through the cards and see which ones you can remember. This is all done by self-assessment. Cards that you rememember will be automatically scheduled for future testing.


Test Review

Once you complete the test you will end up at the Test Review screen. Here you can take a look at all the cards in the test and see which ones you remembered and which you forgot. You can also change any flashcards status between remembered and forgotten if you need to.


Back to the Dashboard

With your testing complete you are now ready to start on your next lesson.


Create Your Lesson

The Lesson Preview screen allows you to preview the items you are about to learn. Items that you have forgotten will be included in the lesson so you can revise them properly. You can also control the number of new items you wish to study.


Lesson Drill

This is the screen where you will spend most of your time studying new items. The lesson drill consists of alternately learning new items and being tested on the items you have already learned. The lesson drill ends when you have successfully remembered each item four times.


Lesson Review

Once you have finished the lesson drill you have a final opportunity to review the items before finishing your day's study. Once you commit the lesson the flashcards will be scheduled for testing as required.